I grew up in Rio de Janeiro and returned to Buenos Aires at age 16. That experience gave me the possibility to incorporate an enormous open-mindedness into the way I think and live life. On the other hand, uprooting affected my identity. The adaptation of living in a new place implied understanding that I was no longer the same and that produced in me a swing of conflicting feelings, At age 19 I was a mother for the first time and, added to the challenge of motherhood, I studied and embarked on different careers without a clear direction. After a year, I started working providing advice to companies to Enhance the Development of Human Capital in Spanish, English and Portuguese. At 30 she was already married, with 3 children, on the verge of divorce and financially bankrupt. My life was chaotic but deep down I felt and was sure that I could do something to make my life different. I ventured into the world of coaching, NLP, Bioneuroemotion, to fill gaps and think about living another life, since I could not contemplate the idea that we are doomed to failure.

For several years, I had a great tour of the universe of emotions (anxiety, anger, jealousy, frustrations). That exhaustion was extreme, I came to wonder if life was always going to be like this: an eternal wait where nothing I want happens. That “emotional journey” was necessary to be able to transform myself and develop skills in me that make what I offer you today as a coach, not pure theory. I lived, suffered, doubted, made up my mind and changed my life. I did it through a deep personal work where I took the opportunity to stop punishing myself and pamper myself more and in this way, heal, Developing that internal coherence motivated me to make better decisions to design in a healthier and fuller way, the life I want to live. I accompany you to make your own way. Started?


  • Coaching and Neurolinguistics Course – Universidad Austral.
  • Postgraduate in Neuroscience for decision making – ITBA.
  • Postgraduate in Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology (Stress Medicine) Argentine Medical Association.
  • Diploma in Bioneuroemotion™ – Enric Corbera Institute.
  • Postgraduate Coaching – Protagonist of Change.
  • International Certification Coaching ICF – Axon Training.
  • English and Portuguese Simultaneous Interpreting Course – McDonough Interpreting School.

“If you walk alone, you will go fast. If you walk accompanied you will go further” Anonymous Author.


To accompany someone in their process of transformation, it is necessary to have processed and overcome obstacles. It is not enough to rely only on theory, it is essential to have been able to overcome the prejudices and beliefs that blocked the achievement of the goals. That is why I promise to transfer in a simple way all my years of internal work and research, to accompany you to make better decisions. And to know what a good decision is, you have to know yourself, because only when you know yourself, you get your decisions to take the form you wanted and not the one they have designed for your life. That’s why I’m here. To accompany you to live your life 100%. To work 100%. To build what you want 100%.


My method invites you to take a journey inward.

You deserve to live the adventure of your inner journey!